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9kW Fireview Eco C9-L

This stove excels in environmental performance, boasting ultra-low emissions that surpass the Ecodesign Ready 2022 standard and earning ClearSkies level 5 certification. It's incredibly easy to light and control, thanks to its advanced clean burn air wash system that keeps the glass clear. Crafted by hand in Devon using the finest quality steel, it features a full riddling grate and ashpan and accommodates logs up to 400mm in length. With its multifuel capability, it can be used for woodburning or other solid fuels, facilitated by its true flat grate design. Additionally, it's compatible with rear and 127mm flue adaptors, suitable for a 12mm superimposed hearth, and includes passive air capability. Offering wood efficiency at 79.0% and solid fuel efficiency also at 79.0%, this stove delivers both environmental friendliness and optimal performance.

Efficiency Rating

76.8% on Wood | 77.7% on Solid Fuel


Height: 740MM | Width: 545mm | Depth: 417mm

Colours Available

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