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Chimney Cleaning

Installation and aftercare from the Living Fire Centre

How to prepare for a stove install

We make every effort to reduce mess during the installation of wood burning or gas stoves. However, we recommend some sensible preparations before our arrival:

  1. Rearrange furniture that may obstruct our work.

  2. Safely store breakable objects and delicate ornaments.

  3. Protect furniture and carpets with dustsheets.

  4. Consider temporarily removing curtains, blinds, and rugs near the fireplace.

  5. Prepare some refreshments; a cuppa is always appreciated.

Servicing and aftercare


After your new stove is installed, it's easy to overlook essential maintenance tasks, such as servicing. However, to guarantee your stove's efficiency, safety, and warranty compliance, it's crucial to schedule an annual service with a qualified engineer.

Our HETAS approved engineers deliver efficient, meticulous, and tidy servicing.

To schedule your service, simply contact our Northallerton showroom at 01609 780256.

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