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1000 T

Electric Cooker

ESSE’s best-selling electric range cooker is the star of your kitchen – whatever the recipe and however many guests you’ve invited.

1000 X

Electric Cooker

This electric range cooker features the same independent ovens and grill with concealed control panel as the popular 1000 T yet gives owners a little e‘X’tra capacity for entertaining.

600 T

Electric Cooker

Comprising separate top and bottom ovens, a full-width grill and a generous cast iron hotplate accommodating multiple pans, the 600 T delivers the plug in and cook flexibility of a modern cooker with all the style and elegance of an ESSE.

1000 W

Wood Burning Range Cooker

ESSE 1000 W offers the best of both, dependable cooking performance and room-filling radiant heat all rolled into one beautifully hand-crafted range cooker. Welcoming warmth at breakfast and piping hot water – yes, there is even an optional domestic hot water boiler model.

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