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Chilli Penguin

Multi-Fuel Stoves

We stock a wide range of multi-fuel stoves from the guys over at Chilli Penguin. If you're looking for eco-friendly, fuel-efficient Fires & Stoves, then look no further than here. We offer full install services, so when you find your dream fire, The Living Fire Centre are here to help bring your home to life.


Short Penguin

With its sleek design, Ecodesign compliance, modern stainless steel handles, impeccable combustion, and exceptional efficiency, this stove beckons you to return home to its warmth and allure.


Chilli Billie Gentoo

Small but mighty - the Chilli Billie Gentoo is ideal for heating smaller spaces. Front loading and with fantastic eco credentials, this stove features Stainless Steel Handles and Furniture.


High and Mighty

This stove carries itself with a hint of superiority, boasting its elevated height, oven box, spacious top plate, convection panel sides, and integrated log plinth. It exudes confidence, offering not only stature and functionality but also personality.

The Stock Cube

The Stock Cube doesn't compromise to its eco-credentials - it only burns wood. This means it's a strong, simple and efficient design with exceedingly clean burning.

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