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Darlington Fires and Stoves

Welcome to The Living Fire Centre, your trusted partner for exceptional fireplace installation and servicing in Darlington. Our dedicated team specialises in transforming homes with a wide range of fireplace options and comprehensive maintenance solutions.

Experience a seamless fireplace installation process with The Living Fire Centre. Our experienced technicians handle everything from consultation to final setup, ensuring a stunning and functional fireplace that perfectly suits your style and needs. Choose from our selection of gas, electric, and traditional wood-burning fireplaces to create the ideal ambience in your Darlington home.

We prioritise the performance and safety of your fireplace. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive servicing, including chimney cleaning, safety inspections, and repairs. Trust The Living Fire Centre to keep your fireplace operating efficiently and looking its best, allowing you to enjoy a cosy atmosphere in your Darlington residence throughout the year.

Discover the warmth and beauty of a professionally installed and serviced fireplace in your Darlington home. Contact The Living Fire Centre today for all your fireplace needs in Darlington, and let our expertise help you create a captivating focal point in your home.

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