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Choosing the right fireplace for your fire

Maybe you're remodelling your entire room and need a new fireplace to complete it off, or maybe you just want to give your current fireplace a facelift with a new surround. The perfect fireplace can enhance any area and serve as a focus point all year, even when the fire is not in use during the summer. How do you choose the ideal fireplace design for your house? Here is a short guide.


The more expensive materials, including natural marble, should usually be avoided if affordability is a factor. The good news is that you won't have to sacrifice the final appearance because marble and stone surrounds don't typically match all home styles. The majority of homes and room sizes will work with wood, which is typically a more economical option. You can choose from a variety of looks, including rustic, traditional, contemporary, and many others, because it is available in a variety of tones and finishes.


Proportion is the most crucial consideration. If you've fallen in love with a massive, magnificent stone fireplace but live in a modest home with low ceilings, you'll have to reconsider. A fireplace should enhance a room, not dominate it; choosing one that is too huge for the space will make it feel smaller. Any area can benefit from a gorgeous fireplace, but it must be in proportion. A small living room would benefit greatly from a compact, space-saving design, but a huge room with high ceilings and bulky furniture would not be the right spot for it. Look for fireplaces in interior design publications and on websites for home furnishings for your inspiration.


You will have a lot more freedom to select the type of fireplace you want if you are remodelling the entire area. A rustic wooden fireplace might work nicely with your design if you're going for a simple Scandi vibe, for example. Something streamlined and simple might be what you want if you want to achieve a contemporary style. Your fireplace should go well with the rest of your furnishings. A classic fireplace is probably going to look out of place in an eclectic, perhaps adventurous home.

Need help choosing a fireplace? Or need your current fireplace replaced, renovated or maintained? Get in touch!

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