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Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

As you look to update your indoor spaces and stay on trend, a plethora of the most recent interior design trends are just waiting to be discovered.

The team at The Living Fire Centre has assembled all the most recent trends that are sure to rule this year's interior design trends. As a result of the fact that we were all forced to spend more time at home in 2021, we continued to invest in home decor, updating our interiors in a way that combined fashion and function.

When it comes to fireplaces, the interior design that goes along with your purchase is crucial to realising your visions.

What interior trends are anticipated for 2022?

The hottest trends in interior design for 2022 are sure to inspire your inner artist. Explore our list of the top interior design trends for 2022 to be inspired by ongoing trends like sustainability, mindful spaces, and more.

1. Vibrant patterns and hues

With a growing nod to the 1960s and 1970s era, mixing bold patterns and colours with earthy and neutral tones is sure to be a popular interior trend this year. As we continue to incorporate an outdoor feel into indoor settings, shades of green and red are expected to dominate our colour palettes.

2. Sustainability

With good reason, sustainability is a major trend in a number of industries, particularly the fireplace industry. As manufacturers and designers become more knowledgeable about the best sustainable materials to use to safeguard the long-term health of our ecosystem, sustainability has started to gain ground when it comes to interior design trends.

3. Returning to Traditional Design

The use of antique furniture, skirted or flanged furniture, and pattern mixing are just a few examples of how traditional interior design is returning in 2022. A return to tradition will be a major interior design trend in 2022 as consumers yearn for comfort and nostalgia in their homes.

4. Calm Environments

Think serene, character-driven, and mindful spaces. As we introduce our personalities into indoor spaces to foster emotional wellbeing and tranquilly in our safe spaces, mindful spaces are anticipated to soar in popularity in 2022.

What furniture colours are popular for 2022?

Any interior design project involves furniture, so it's important to understand which colours are popular and which ones are out this year.

It's safe to say that the once-trendsetting colour grey is falling out of favour with consumers. Mushroom tones that balance browns, greys, and beiges will come into their own in 2022 and be used in some of the most avant-garde and captivating interior design projects.

Luckily, at The Living Fire Centre, we have a wide range of fires in stock to suit any design or style you're inspired by. Get in touch to see how we can help!

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