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Using a wooden fireplace to merge classic style and warmth

Right now, wood fireplaces are extremely popular, and for good reason. Simply put, fireplace surrounds made of wood, especially oak, never go out of style. It goes well with any type of architecture, decor, and colour scheme. Wood is a classic material for a fire surround, whether you live in a modern or a historic home. All homes benefit greatly from the warmth and attractive appearance of wood.

Natural Wood Fireplaces

Wood is the ideal material for a fireplace if you prefer a simple, more rustic look. Look for plain, chunky fireplaces without too much detail if you want something a little less polished to go with your more relaxed and natural style. Avoid anything with intricate carvings or a high-shine finish if the rustic and casual feel of your home is your ideal. For a warm, inviting appearance, add some large white pillar candles as an accent to your wooden fireplace.

Modern Wood Fireplaces

If your home is contemporary, or has been renovated to resemble one, you might prefer something simple and sleek. Choose a small, unobtrusive fireplace if your room is tastefully decorated and you don't want your new fireplace to overpower it. A sleek vase in a neutral colour or a silver picture frame would both look great next to a modern fireplace.

Wooden Fireplaces with a Statement

A wooden fireplace is a great way to accomplish this if you like to make a statement with your fireplace. For instance, if you have a large room and want something to serve as the focal point of your space. Wood is a very adaptable material that works well with a variety of styles. Wood may not seem dramatic enough if you want a fireplace that makes a statement. Of course, any sizable fireplace will serve as a focal point, but why not think about a finely carved pattern?

Although these are not to everyone's taste, they can work amazingly well in big, open spaces. However, be careful that they don't overpower the space and that they blend in with the rest of your decor. More elaborate and detailed fireplaces don't typically require much accessorising because they already make a statement, but if you want to break up the fireplace a bit, a few simple picture frames or plants will do.

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